About Me


A Brief History of Kate, or How She Ended Up Here

My first taste of teaching was in 2009 when I spent just under a year working as an English language assistant in Dijon, France.  Untrained and inexperienced, my best weapons at this stage were creativity, flexibility and bucket loads of enthusiasm (I’m not sure the French teenagers really appreciated the latter at 8am on a Monday morning).    I left France with a boosted self-confidence and the desire to develop my skills as an EFL teacher.

After graduating from the University of Sheffield with imagea BA in English Literature and French, I made plans to move back to France permanently with my boyfriend, Antonin. In preparation I spent an intensive month studying to obtain my Trinity College CertTESOL. The course required me to brush up on my grammar skills, reflect on my classroom presence and realise the value of a well-balanced and well-structured lesson plan. Theory and enthusiasm under my belt, all I needed now was the experience.

I moved to Lille in January 2013 and soon found work teaching English to professionals in companies. Teaching adults is a great fit for me; I get a buzz out of the learners’ enthusiasm to improve. Lessons are varied and focus on professional skills such as negotiating and presenting, as well as grammar structures, idiomatic expressions and pronunciation.

I enjoy finding creative solutions to keep things engaging in the classroom and like to design my own tailored resources.

On this blog you will find my lesson plans and resources to take away and try out.

I am a young teacher and still developing my skills so I would be very happy to hear your feedback and ideas.


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